Zoey’s Story

As told by Zoey’s owner:

Zoey, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, went down at the young age of 2 years old. She spent 2 weeks with my vet and I hate to say this, but he made no effort to educate me as to what I was dealing with. I just knew she had a problem walking but should be fine in a few weeks, and she was.

Jumping ahead two years, it was the 4th of July weekend and Zoey went down again. Unable to reach anyone, and because she did not appear to be in any pain, I waited till Monday to get her to the vet. He immediately sent her to a neurologist and I was informed that I was looking at big bucks. I had a Care Credit and took out a $3000.00 loan only to return to the neurologist and be told that he would not operate. Euthanizing was my only option. I was devastated.

I started posting on FB with the partner of Zoey’s former breeder, and somehow Bandit’s BandAid’s Cheryl Justice found me. We went back to my vet and he agreed to work with the organization and wait for me to get a cart for Zoey. We took euthanizing off the table. Zoey was treated with bed rest, Prednisone, Gabapentin, and Methocarbamol. Bandit’s paid for a cart for her after the bed rest. Again she recovered and eventually did not even need the cart.

A year and a half later Zoey blew a third disc and decisions had to be made. I had retired from my job and no longer had funds for this surgery. Bandit’s helped me take her to a new highly regarded neurologist in my area, and again I was advised to euthanize my girl. The folks at Bandit’s were not satisfied with the way the visit was handled, so I was asked if I would be willing to drive 120 miles to someone else. Of course I would, and all I can say is that they found me an angel. This neurologist examined Zoey, did an MRI followed by surgery, and she sat up 4 hours later! It was also arranged for Zoey to stay there to receive some physical therapy. She came home walking with only the assistance of a sling.

I can never repay what was spent on her, but I do what I can when I can. Bandit’s K9Care is an awesome organization and I am eternally grateful to them. My girl is still out playing with her 2 sisters but she doesn’t jump and is not allowed on the furniture. At 8 years old, I hope to have Zoey for years to come.