Bandit’s Medical Fund

Bandit’s Medical Fund Application Process & Guidelines

Bandit’s Medical Fund and our organization were named in memory of a handsome 6-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Bandit who passed away very unexpectedly during a minor surgical procedure.

To request assistance from the Bandit’s Medical Fund, an application form must be submitted.  If you are requesting help for more than one dog, a separate application must be submitted for each. It is essential that all questions are answered fully and completely. There is a limited amount of funding available at any given time. Your answers will enable us to evaluate your need as quickly as possible.

Our main selection criteria are the urgency of the medical problem, the ability of an applicant to pay or to obtain other funding, and the availability of our funding.  Bandit’s K9Care should be the last resort for assistance.

Bandit’s Medical Fund will not expend funds without proper documentation, including proof of financial need and veterinary paperwork. Written estimates must be submitted and approved prior to our paying medical bills. In general, there will be a funding cap of $4,000 per applicant, and a maximum time period of one year of assistance. We will consider going beyond those limits on a case-by-case basis and as funding allows. 

In most cases, the veterinary hospital will be paid directly at the time services are rendered. We will work with medical providers to obtain a nonprofit discount where available. Once an application is approved, owners must contact their medical providers to give permission for Bandit’s K9Care representatives to discuss their dog’s medical care with the veterinary staff. Please note that our organization does not pay bills for the care your dog received prior to applying for assistance. 

Bandit’s K9Care is a relatively small nonprofit run entirely by volunteers. Even if your application for assistance is approved, funding is not guaranteed. Bandit’s K9Care can only assist to the extent that available funding allows, and for a limited period of time as warranted by the specific diagnosis and treatment plan for your dog. We cannot provide around-the-clock assistance nor can we approve all of the worthy cases that are brought to us.

Examples of Approved Scenarios

• Your dog is hit by a car or attacked and has serious injuries.
• Your dog has swallowed or has been exposed to something harmful.
• Your dog has a serious infection that requires urgent veterinary care or hospitalization.
• Your dog needs surgery that will significantly improve or save its life.

Example of Declined Scenarios

• Your dog has already received the veterinary care needed before an application is submitted.
• The veterinary care needed is routine and not urgent or critical in nature.
• You and/or the veterinarian do not currently reside in the United States.
• You have other options besides Bandit’s K9Care to pay for veterinary care.

We advise that you do not rely solely on us to obtain funding for your dog, as funds are limited. Learn about other grants that may be available to you by visiting our Resources page.


To be able to access the application form you must fill out this pre-application first.  Once complete you will be redirected to the formal application.  

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Have you read through the Bandit’s K9Care Guidelines to determine whether your dog qualifies for funding?