Our Mission

Our mission is to provide need based financial assistance for all breeds of dogs requiring urgent veterinary care.

Bandit’s K9Care

Our story begins in 2014

when we started as a program within another nonprofit to help pay the often prohibitive costs of urgent veterinary care for dogs.

After experiencing rapid growth and assisting hundreds of dogs, we became a separate Indiana-based nonprofit organization in 2018 and changed our name to Bandit’s K9Care. We are named in memory of a beloved Corgi who passed away unexpectedly during a routine surgical procedure.

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Bandit’s Medical Fund

In order to receive funding from our organization, a Bandit’s Medical Fund Application must be completed. Please read through our guidelines carefully to ensure that you qualify befor submitting an application.

KC’s Kruisers


This program provides dogs in need with mobility equipment, such as wheeled carts, harnesses, and other related supplies.

Daily Care

We assess the urgency based upon the dog’s medical condition, the financial need of the candidate, and the availability of funds to help.


We are honored to have been on the Corgi Town podcast, where we shared information about our programs, board members, and the dogs we’ve saved.