Boomer’s Story

As told by Boomer’s owner: 

Boomer is a Cane Corso/Rottweiler/Mastiff mix. When he was about six months old he slipped in the mud, fell and shattered his left front elbow. Because of the extent of the damage his leg had to be amputate.  His owners took him back to the surgeon a few weeks after his surgery because they were hearing a clicking sound in his back right leg. They were told after Boomer was examined that he has a torn cruciate ligament which would require surgery to repair. The owners believed that the injury in the back likely occurred when he fell, but was not noticed until he began walking again post surgery. 

Since he only had one leg in the front he needed two working back legs in order to have a good quality of life. Since the owners did not have the funds for a second surgery, he was put on crate rest, which wasn’t easy for a young pup. The owners contacted some organizations but were not approved for funding until Bandit’s K9Care approved their application and put up a fundraiser for Boomer and two other dogs needing funding at the same time. 

Boomer had his pre-surgery consultation in April 2022 with the orthopedic surgeon at MedVet Akron.  The expectation was that he would be examined and then scheduled for TPLO surgery the next morning. But once he was fully examined by the specialist the decision was made to hold off on any surgery until he is older, and hopefully by then he may not even need a surgical repair if his owners follow the instructions provided to them. Boomer returned to MedVet for a follow up exam three months later and the surgeon was very pleased with his progress. He is able to walk again and they will just keep an eye on the leg to see if surgery is warranted sometime in the future.