Dusty’s Story

As told by Dusty’s owner:

Dusty is my Pembroke Welsh Corgi that I have had since he was 8 weeks old. He had a brief show career, winning his championship in just 4 showings, and his grand championship a year later. At age 6 he started showing signs of rear leg problems. I took him to my veterinarian because he would stagger and then drop his hind end, and you could see he was troubled by it. The vet tested him for pain sensation in his paws and on his back, and thankfully he had both. Dusty was put on a steroid (Prednisone) and Gabapentin to reduce the swelling and pain. Once the medications kicked in, radiographs were taken and based on the images it was determined that he had narrowing of 2 to 3 of his discs with herniation.

I was retired after having worked for a nonprofit organization so I did not have the fund to pay for an MRI and surgery at a specialty hospital. But thanks to Bandit’s K9Care they were able to raise about 3/4 of the needed amount though a fundraiser, and I was able to cover the balance. In late August Dusty went in for his MRI and they found that 2 of his discs had ruptured, so in to surgery he went. After successful surgery he stayed a couple of nights to recover and I was able to take him home.

It has now been 15 months since Dusty had his surgery. Dusty is almost back to normal now. He still has a bit of a shuffling in his rear legs. We call it his John Wayne walk! I can hardly begin to say just how much I have appreciated Bandit’s K9Care’s help!