Stinky’s Story

As told by Stinky’s owner

Stinky Allen was adopted from the local humane society in 2012 at the age of 3. About a year after adopting Stinky, we noticed a white ulceration appearing on his nose. He was starting to get extremely congested and lethargic as well. We took him to see one vet who gave him allergy medication which did not help. We then took him to another vet who did blood work, x-rays, nasal flushes, and cytology reports. Nothing came back positive and his blood counts were fine. We started him on antibiotics and steroids to see if he would improve. After 3 months the white ulceration began to turn back to black and I got my healthy Stinky back.

We did not have another issue until March of 2015. We assumed that, like before, Stink would just need a few months of antibiotics. However when we neared the end of those meds his nose started to literally disappear. We received a referral to a dermatology specialist 3 hours away, and once they ran their own biopsies, skin cell checks, and blood work they found the cause. Stinky had Vasculitis, a rare auto-immune disease, where his blood vessels are inflamed and his body is attacking itself.

We started Stinky on anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and steroids to fight it. This first vet visit caused me to miss two days of work, $1,500 for the visit and other expenses to stay with him. We agreed on coming every other month, but knew I would not be able to keep covering those costs. I was recently a college graduate getting paid minimum wage and paying bills and student loans.

I was denied assistance by a few nonprofits because of how long ago I had adopted Stinky, but Bandit’s K9Care approved us. Thankfully they did because less than a month later I had to rush Stinky to the ER. He had somehow caught a fungal infection (Aspergillosis) and bronchitis. The vets said that he would not have made it much longer. They also told me his living past that night was doubtful. But my Stinky hung in there and two days later we drove him to Austin to see our dermatologist who did more texting. We learned that we were now fighting Vasculitis, Bronchitis, and Aspergillosis. After 6 months of treatment Stinky’s fur had grown back and his nose had healed and even some of the black came back!

Without Bandit’s BandAid, now Bandit’s K9Care, this story would never have been written. My dog would have been put down because I did not have the money at the time. Without this organization, I would not be able to hold my dog at night and tell him how much I love him. Bandit’s K9Care is more than a nonprofit organization to me, they are my family now. They have called me at all hours when Stinky was sick, not only to check on him but to also check on me. They have sent my photos to other veterinarians to make sure that his wounds looked good. They have laughed with me in times of joy and they have cried with me in times of pain. I have made such amazing relationships with Carol, Cheryl, and other Bandit’s clients. I am so grateful for the support that they have given us, and for the donors that have allowed this organization to help us and so many others.