Padme’s Story

As told by Padme’s owner: 

Padme is a Maltese & Lhasa Apso who has been with me and my family since the day she was born. We’ve traveled together by plane, hiked many mountains, and explored almost every park along the West Coast. It’s safe to say she is my best friend, and she has provided unconditional love since the day we met.

After relocating to a new city, I discovered she was living with several health problems. Being fresh out of college, I was unable to afford proper veterinary care. I reached out to Bandit’s K9Care, who diligently worked to crowdfund the amount and communicated directly with my veterinarian to provide the care Padme desperately needed. I am forever grateful for the support this organization has given me at times of darkness and struggle. Without them, I’m not sure Padme would have survived.

Padme is now 16 years old and thriving (the new 30), and I will forever hold the compassion of Bandit’s K9Care in my heart.